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The Brawley City Code requires that all contractors obtain a City Contractor's Business License prior to doing work in the city.  You may contact us for specific information.

Building Department


The Application of SB 407 (2009)

For your information, through this interpretation, SB 407 only applies to permitted additions, alterations and improvements.  Additionally, permits can be pulled for property maintenance and repair without triggering the SB 407 requirements.  Below is a list of permits that are considered to be repair or maintenance.

Permitted Repairs That Will Not Trigger SB 407

Electrical Service Change Out

HVAC Change Out


Sewer Line Replacement

Siding or Stucco

Site Work: Retaining Walls, Fences, Walk Ways, etc.

Water Heater Replacement

Window Replacement

Other Repairs as Determined by the Building Official

Oscar Escalante

Interim Building Official

David Treviño

Building/Rehabilitation Inspector

Luciano Garcia

Building Inspector

Sylvia Lua

Administrative Secretary


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