Nestled in California's Imperial Valley, our city has evolved into a thriving agricultural epicenter. Its strategic location not only connects residents to Southern California's diverse landscapes and attractions but also serves as a crossroads for cultural and recreational activities. Our dedication to fostering economic development and community well-being makes it a vibrant blend of tradition and progress.

Our Roots

Bunnell, S. U. (1913) View of Brawley, Cal., June.

In 1902, J.H. Braly, an investor from Los Angeles, acquired 4,000 acres of land in the region. A new town with his namesake was already planned when a US government circular declared the region unsuitable for agriculture, casting doubt on the area's potential for development. Fearful of the town's failure, Braly sold the land and forbid the use of his name. The land quickly made its way into the possession of the Imperial Land Company. In defiance of the government circular, the Imperial Land Company ordered the new town plotted and began promoting the agricultural potential of the area.

Braly prohibited the use of his name but the community had already begun referring to the area as "Braly". A.H. Heber, a key figure in the Imperial Land Company, suggested naming the town Brawley, after a friend. This marked the beginning of the town's development.

By 1908, Brawley was officially incorporated, following a successful petition and election by its residents. This incorporation came at a time when the Imperial Valley was proving its agricultural potential, with Brawley emerging as a central agricultural hub.

For over a century, Brawley has remained dedicated to its agricultural foundation, providing vital support to the local farming and ranching community. Despite the initial skepticism about its environment, the town has thrived, driven by a community that values innovation, cooperation, and a shared vision.


As the third-largest city in Imperial County, Brawley offers a unique blend of stately homes, lush parks, and welcoming neighborhoods, making it an ideal destination for residents and visitors alike.

Positioned in a desert region, Brawley becomes a winter haven thanks to its mild climate and scenic landscapes. Its central location in Southern California places Brawley at the crossroads for cultural and recreational activities, providing easy access to some of the region's most sought-after destinations:

Glamis Sand Dunes

30-minute drive for off-roading and exploration.

Baja California

The beauty of Mexico within a 50-minute drive.

Palm Springs and Julian

Picturesque locations just 90 minutes away.

San Diego

Two hours to the vibrant city life and beautiful beaches.

Big Bear Mountain Ski Resorts

Enjoy snow sports three hours away.

Las Vegas

Experience the excitement of the city in just five hours.

Brawley's strategic position not only enhances the quality of life for its inhabitants but also invites explorers to delve into the diverse experiences Southern California has to offer.

By the Numbers

Sourced from the Southern California Association of Governments, these figures highlight the city's demographic, economic, and geographical characteristics.



Population per mi2




Persons per Household


Median Household Income


Median Home Price



Administration, Agribusiness, Food Processing

Industries cont...

Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Retail, Trade

Industries cont...

Transportation & Logistics, Warehousing


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