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What is Utility Users Tax?

Since 1991, as approved by the residents of the City of Brawley, the City collects a Utility User Tax (UUT) on cable television, landline telephone communication, electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, and garbage collection services. The revenue generated by this tax helps to fund a wide array of vital City services such as police, fire, library, recreation, parks, public works, and development services. 

On November 2, 2021, Measure U was approved by the voters and election results were ratified by the City on December 7, 2021. The Measure removed the sunset date, retained the 4% tax rate, and extended the tax to modernized telecommunication services. 

Adopted and updated UUT Ordinance No. 2021-13

The second reading took place on 1/8/2022 and the Ordinance is effective as of 2/18/2022

Resolution Certifying the City of Brawley 2021 Election Results

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2021 Utility User Tax (English)

Preguntas Frecuentes sobre la Medida U 2021 (Español)

UUT History, City Revenues, and Operations, Why is a UUT Measure needed?

The California Local Government Finance Almanac - UUT Facts

Measure U Ballot language and Impartial Analysis

Lenguaje de Boleta para la Medida U (Spanish)

For more information on Measure U contact the finance department at 760-344-8941 or email sluna@brawley-ca.gov


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