Utility Rates adopted under Proposition 218

Proposition 218 was passed by voters in 1996. It specifies requirements for how utility rates for water, sewer, drainage, and solid waste services are set and how the funds generated by those rates are used.

Some of the notice requirements for Proposition 218 include:

  • Public Hearing for rate changes for water, sewer, drainage, or solid waste services.

  • 45-day advanced mailed notice of public hearing to record owner of each parcel.

  • Using funds generated by a particular rate, such as water rates, for water projects only.

2008 Proposition 218 Notice (Replaced by 2015 Notice)

*Applies to Residential Water rates. Currently, subject to CPI adjustment annually on October 15th.

2009 Proposition 218 Notice (Replaced by 2015 Notice)

*Applies to Commercial Water rates and Residential/Commercial Sewer rates. Effective October 2013 such rates are subject to CPI adjustment annually.


2015 Proposition 218 Notice

Notificacion sobre la Proposición 218 (Spanish)


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