Announcement of Clean Water Ventures Project

The City of Brawley California has awarded Clean Water Ventures, Inc. (CWV) with a 20-year contract valued at over $400 Million Dollars.

The City's Financial Primer

The City of Brawley has created a financial primer to keep you informed about about the City's finances.

The City of Brawley Completes Community Survey

The City of Brawley recently completed a comprehensive survey to understand the community’s priorities and discern their satisfaction with City services.

City of Brawley Adopts FY 24/25 Budget

The City Council voted unanimously to adopt its Fiscal Year 2024/25 budget.
Water Splash Park at Alyce Gereaux Park

Parks and Recreation

Our new platform for reservations makes booking outdoor adventures a breeze!

UPDATE Main Street Improvement Project

The Main Street Waterline and Roadway Improvement Construction has extended further east on Main Street.

Welcome to the City of Brawley

Nestled in California's Imperial Valley, our city has evolved into a thriving agricultural epicenter thanks to community spirit and agricultural innovation. Its strategic location not only connects residents to Southern California's diverse landscapes and attractions but also serves as a crossroads for cultural and recreational activities. Our dedication to fostering economic development and community well-being makes it a vibrant place where tradition and progress blend.


City Council

Ramon Castro
November 2024
Mayor Pro-Tempore
Donald L. Wharton
November 2024
Council Member
Gil Rebollar
November 2026
Council Member
Luke Hamby
November 2026
Council Member
George A. Nava
November 2024