Business License

Business License

Welcome to the City of Brawley and thank you for choosing our City in which to establish your new business, or to serve our residents and visitors from another location outside the city limits. All businesses operating within the city limits of Brawley (including home-based businesses) are required to have a business license per the City of Brawley Municipal Code Section 16.16.1

Should you have any questions, please email or call 760-344-1550.

The city business license form(s) may be obtained at Brawley City Hall located at 400 Main Street or by clicking on the link below.

Business License Application

Cancel Business License

Business License Information Update Form

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General Information to keep in mind

  • Business Licenses are not transferrable to a new owner.

  • Any change in the business requires written notification to the City of Brawley Finance Department.

  • Renewal notices are sent out as a courtesy, however, the responsibility for business license renewals lies with the business owner, and failure to receive a renewal notice will not relieve the applicant of an obligation for payment or penalties for the delinquency.

  • We value your comments. If there is additional information that will improve our customer service please send an email to or call us at 760-344-1550.

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