Cattle Call

The City of Brawley is home each November to one of the finest Western celebrations in the United States. Each year our Cattle Call celebration attracts an estimated 50,000 people to Brawley to enjoy the many special events.

Brawley Cattle Call began in 1956 to honor Imperial Valley’s cattle industry. In order to implement the idea, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce decided to make it a community-wide activity and a contest was held to propose a name. Mrs. Rex Hudson submitted the winning name, “Cattle Call.”

The “Cattle Call Commit­tee” was then formed to plan and carry out the parade and other events and a “Rodeo Commit­tee” was set to organize the rodeo.

The City of Brawley leased a 50-acre parcel that was developed into the arena facility and park. Within less than two years, one of the finest rodeo grounds in the Southwest was built the private financing of individuals of the community.     

The arena facility continues to be improved on an annual basis through community efforts. The City maintains the grounds. Through the work of the Rodeo Committee, the Cattle Call Rodeo is now recognized as one of the best Pro­fessional Rodeo Cowboy Asso­ciation (PRCA) sanctioned rodeos in the United States.

Promoted by the Brawley Chamber of Commerce, the Cattle Call Parade is now one of the largest Western parades in the Southwest.

The Chamber starts every “Cattle Call” on the Saturday prior to the rodeo with a Chili Cookoff. Events and continue the festivities throughout the week with social events, a owboy poetry reading, a very popular Mariachi Festival and several other activities. These events are all supported by sponsorships, coordinated by volunteers and enjoyed by thousands.

A Pancake Breakfast and Cattle Call Parade set a festive mood for the Rodeo weekend that features three PRCA performances.

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