Combat Graffiti

911 Tips


When you dial 911, a highly trained dispatcher will answer your call. Although the dispatcher is immediately provided with the address and phone number from which you are calling, you will be asked to verify this information. It is important that you remain calm and answer the dispatcher’s questions to the best of your ability. (Suspect information--i.e. clothing & physical description, criminal activity, direction of travel) Remain on the phone until the dispatcher instructs you to hang up.


What can I do to assist with the prosecution of offenders?

Report & Testify to what you saw! Once criminal charges are filed, it is often very important for victims to follow-up with the District Attorney’s Office. There are varieties of consequences for offenders and the victim’s input is always greatly valued. Imperial County DA Office: 760-482-4331


How can I help the police?




1. Ongoing Upkeep

Keep property Clean, neat, and graffiti free. Properly dispose of old ½ full spray paint cans.


2. Promptly Remove Graffiti

Removal within 24 to 48 hours reduces the chance of long-term repetitive re-occurrence.


3. Control Access & Thru Traffic

Incorporate shrubs, thorny plants and vines to restrict access to graffiti vandals.

Use fences, controlled entrances and exits, rails, and other barriers.

Limit and/or Secure access to rooftops.


4. Step-Up Security

Add or improve outside lighting to assist officers and citizens in the area.

Install security cameras over trouble areas.

Organize a “Neighborhood Watch.”


5. Work with Neighbors

Organize a “paint bank” with shared paints and equipment.

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