Luke Hamby

Luke Hamby was born in a cabin in the woods of Northern Arizona and raised in Westmorland. He attended IVC and completed a B.A. in Music Education at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. He served on the Volunteer Fire Department in Westmorland for twenty years and has been a residential remodeling contractor since 2005.

Mr. Hamby is an accomplished musician in his spare time, performing for many events and ceremonies on violin and guitar.

He was elected to the Brawley City Council in 2017 after running on a platform dedicated to changing the business atmosphere in the City to that of a more business friendly environment; improving customer service and interactions between City Department Staff and current and prospective business owners as well as developers, contractors, and others; improving parks conditions; and working together with fellow Council Members to strengthen ordinances with an eye toward downtown improvements and blight reduction. Mr. Hamby is pleased to serve on the City Council and works diligently with his fellow Council Members to fulfill his duties and to make good on the goals and vision set during his campaign.

He has served on various nonprofit boards throughout Imperial Valley, including the North County Coalition for the Arts, the Imperial Valley Symphony Association, and Imperial Valley’s HOPE for Haiti. He has also served as the Liaison from City Council to the Brawley Public Library Board of Trustees, Parks and Recreation Commission, Chamber of Commerce Board and the Brawley Planning Commission.

Luke and his wife, Elizabeth, have been married since 2000 and have lived in Brawley since 2015. They have one son, Bennett, and have fostered or care-taken seven other children over the years.